Riding E-Scooters

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Have you ever felt the need to feel you are gliding along while enjoying the feeling of being outdoors?

This is what scooting feels like. For the need to be saving on your own effort, I must agree with everyone who has been enjoying their e-scooters. The hills are tough, sometimes, our bodies can not cope with ascending steep hills. Amazing sensations are felt as you get to engage that gentle throttle and feel the scooter beneath your feet zipping along and giving you the relief you need to pursue on your journey.

The great advantage is that you often can continue freewheeling downhill saving that important battery life.

Now, most scooters are going to give you a different experience depending on the brand. Every type is built for different purposes. Out of all the scooters I have ever tried, I have to say the Swifty® E-Zero has been my favorite.

Depending on your budget and your need, have a good look around and ask yourself the question: "Is this going to be ideal for me?"

Are you going to ride it often? Do you want to have something portable and easy to ride?

Most of us have to make a choice...

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