Electric Scooter

Swifty® E-Scooter

  1. Ride uphills and freewheel down

  2. 250W brushless hub motor

  3. Option of friction free kicking power

  4. Max speed 15mph

  5. 36V lithium-ion battery, 4 hours full charge

  6. 10 mile range at full throttle

  7. Feel the glide

  8. Travel over mixed terrain

  9. In any weather

  10. High spec wheelsets

  11. Front and rear V-brakes

  12. Unbeatable smooth ride.

Adults and Teen Scooter

Adults Swifty® Scooter​

  1. Cool styling and aggressive set up for off-road trails, jumps and dirt riding

  2. High spec wheelsets

  3. Front and rear V-brakes

  4. Light enough to carry (8.9kg)

  5. Strong for maximum durability(max load 150kg)

  6. Adapt Child booster up to 25kg Ages 3 to 5 yo

Kids Scooter

Kids Swifty® Scooter

  1. Feel the glide

  2. Travel over any terrain and in any weather

  3. High spec wheelsets

  4. Front and rear V-brakes

  5. Perfect for growing children (7-12yrs)

  6. Unbeatable smooth ride.

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Electric Scooter

Kids Scooter