Green Scooter at Waterford Greenway

Green Scooter was officially launched on 10th of August 2019. WLR FM, our local radio, covered a whole week of prize giveaways and announced the business on the air. We had hundreds of people turning up on our launch day. We have since hired our scooters and our sales/repair services to many who found us on social media and online.

Green Scooter has encouraged the community by providing a new type of mobi-activity. We have worked very closely with individuals and groups to cater for their needs.

Thomas L'Hotellier, owner and founder of Green Scooter, has put all his expertise into this business to develop a service for people who enjoy the outdoors and the ease of riding a scooter.

Thomas has for many years been riding scooters, kick-bikes, e-bikes, , bicycles, surfboards, skateboards and roller-blades.

Today, we have redirected our focus on sales and providing services for the scooter/kick-biking community. 

Thank you for stopping by on your journey and giving us an opportunity to work with you and for you, adding value to your ride.